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The pieces created by Ana Dominguez Ceramics speak about what overcomes time and the beauty of imperfection.

Established in 2019, Ana Dominguez Ceramics is the result of the work and experimentation that Ana Dominguez has been developing in her ceramics atelier, this space open to the public was initially dedicated to Portuguese tile.

Colour and Time are elements always present in Ana Dominguez Ceramics brand, inspired in the Japanese Tradition of Raku. Each piece transmits, in a unique way, the stories and moments which we are made of.

“Unique moments, to be perfect, cannot be reproduced. Thus is Raku which intertwines our hands in the harmony of time. Raku is the perfect imperfection of our time.” - Ana Dominguez

All our pieces are wrapped in raw cloth with sashiko black thread, resembling the crackle glazing of the pieces. A unique wrap for unique pieces.

The word sashiko means “little padded stabs / pierces”. This padding technique has been used since the Asuka Era, in the IV century, to mend or strengthen working clothes, in order to save each piece of cotton fabric, a scarce good in some regions of Japan. It can be embroidered on linen or cotton fabric dyed indigo, but it can also be used in other fabrics like wool, silk, or filter.



After working for more than twenty years in Education, Ana Dominguez decided to give form to her passion for stories, shapes, and colours through clay and tiles.

In 2017 established A Casa do Azulejo, an atelier dedicated to the Portuguese Tile, nonetheless it’s not limited to that. Her passion for Raku, that “perfect imperfection”, led her to explore this millennial Japanese technique, so in 2019, she created a brand inspired in the magical ceremonial of Raku and the flow of time. Thus was born Ana Dominguez Ceramics, a brand that tells the stories of which we are made of. 

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